Zanagrams Wins Multiple Game Of The Year Awards

Six months after release, Dark Horse’s core commitment to inclusive design has already been recognized by the public. Zanagrams, our first release, was nominated for Game of the Year awards on Apple Vis and Mobile Accessible Games—both of which operate on the premise of community-based voting. Zanagrams received thousands of votes between the two platforms, and ultimately stood out from the competition enough to have been covered on a mainstream mobile gaming site called Pocket Gamer in the early days of January.

If you’d like to hear our founder’s interview about the awards, you can find it here.

              To celebrate, we awarded players 10 free hints through the end of 2023, and will be integrating additional leaderboards within the game so players can compete against their friends in a more seamless manner. Additionally, we’ve released another puzzle pack, and will continue working on more as we work on our next games. Thank you all for the support you’ve shown to us, and please continue to share Zangrams with friends and family so we can make the digital world a more inclusive place. As always, if you have feedback for us, or certain features you’d like to see in Zanagrams, you can reach out to us directly by emailing [email protected].

              If you haven’t already, go download Zanagrams and be sure to leave us a five-star rating and review. That helps ensure we can continue making these gr3eat games.