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Zanagrams is my first app, and was released on July 4, 2023. You can find it here, and can read about it below.

Word puzzles just got a whole-lot better.

Exercise your brain during your downtime with this new unique twist on word-puzzles you’ve come to know and love.

Each puzzle contains six clues you’ll aim to find the one-word answers for. Each answer is broken-up into groups of two or three letters, presented as buttons in the lower portion of your screen, and jumbled for your brain-teasing enjoyment. Try to spell out each of the answers in the puzzle by tapping buttons to add them to your spelling.

Zanagrams will automatically detect if you’ve spelled any of the answers in the puzzle you’re working on, and any of the buttons you used to spell that answer will be permanently-disabled to narrow-down your choices. By the time you finish a puzzle, you’ll have used every button once.

-Compete against friends by seeing who gets the best score for each puzzle in its Official mode.

-Play randomized versions of puzzles you’ve already completed for endless fun!

-Use hints to reveal the next group of letters in a word when you get stuck.

-Zanagrams contains 20 free puzzles, spread across two Puzzle Packs, totalling 120 anagrams you can play as many times as you like.

-Once you’ve fallen in-love with the game, you can purchase more Puzzle Packs, choosing from our huge selection of both themed and unthemed Puzzle Packs.

-100% accessible with Voiceover.

-High-contrast color options available for low-vision users