I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed on several platforms, both about my own personal journey, and as a self-taught, completely-blind developer. Below, you can find links to each of these interviews, organized by show.

Zanagrams link:

Mobile Accessible Games

Aaron Spelker, founder of the Mobile Accessible Games YouTube channel and Facebook group was kind-enough to have me on his show just before the release of Zanagrams. This interview is heavily-focused on the path I took to teach myself how to code, and touches-on some basic programming concepts in a relatable way. You can find the interview here.

Peny Forward Podcast

The team at Penny Forward virtually met with me just-before the release of Zanagrams to discuss my personal story, including my suicide attempt, adapting to blindness, and teaching myself how to code. You can find the interview here.

If you’re interested in speaking with me, please send me an email at ‘[email protected]’.